Chevy's Yummies
From the butcher, to my kitchen, to you!

All natural and healthy for your pet
100% nutritious - 100% Yummy!
  Chevy was my baby, my friend and my faithful companion. He was born fraught with a lot of medical issues and I could not find anything for him that I could give him as a yummy treat that wasn't making him sick. So, I went to my butcher and bought beef hearts, sliced them up and dehydrated them. It was messy, but I knew what my baby was getting. Pure, 100% beef hearts and nothing else. They are lean and nutritious, and he LOVED them!
In light of all the poisons and mistrust in the pet food industry today, I decided to share these treats with other people who love their pets dearly and want to be sure that they were not going to get poisoned. Funny, I found that even my cats can't stay away from them! I hope your special friend enjoys these treats as much as Chevy did, and I hope you know that you can trust me when I tell you these treats are safe and healthy!

Also, you may want to know that a portion of the proceeds from the sale of these treats goes to support the work of Chevy's Hope Foundation, which cares for the animal victims of abuse and neglect.

Granny's  Cookies

These treats are made from 100% beef hearts with

oatmeal and water (just enough to make a

cookie form) and nothing else.

 Please refrigerate.


Generous Six ounce portion


Jerky Treats


These treats are made from 100% beef hearts and nothing else. Please refrigerate.

Generous Six ounce portion
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