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In Memory of Chevy

The touching of souls...The love of the animal human bond, the trust it takes to rebuild an abused relationship, the hope for a better future and the healing that comes with it all.

We need your help to keep the animals in our communities safe. Contact the MFHS (MN Federated Humane Society)  if you are concerned about the welfare of an animal.

Common signs of animal cruelty and neglect:

· Lack of grooming, for example overgrown nails or matted fur

· Basic needs not met, such as lack of food, water, shelter and vet care

· Bruises and scarring on skin or visible signs of poor health

· Being kept in unsanitary conditions or extreme temperatures

· Malnourished appearance where bones are visible through fur

To file a complaint:

Complaints and the names of those who file a complaint are kept confidential. The proper evidence and witnesses are required to successfully build a case for seizure and/or prosecution. Be sure to follow all the directions and give as much information as you possibly can when you file a complaint or leave a message. It’s important to the life of the animal!


"Not being able to do everything is no excuse for not doing everything you can."

— Ashleigh Brilliant

Please read about The Link between animal cruelty and human violence.

 Animal Welfare Act (AWA)

 Minnesota State Law

The following links will provide you with information on animal welfare related laws, statutes and codes.

Cruelty to Animals – Chapter 343
Pet and Companion Welfare Act – Chapter 346
Minnesota Exotic Animals – Chapter 346.155

Regulation of Dangerous Dogs – Chapter 347.50
Sale of Dogs and Cats – Chapter 325F

Criminal code
Harm Caused by Dog – Code 609.226
Dangerous Animals Destroyed – Code 609.227
Killing or Harming a Public Safety Dog – Code 609.596
Unauthorized Release of Animals – Code 609.552

Minnesota Exotic Animal Law Chapter 346.155

Local Ordinances

If you have questions about city ordinances pertaining to animals, for example, the number allowed per household, leash laws, etc., please contact your local animal control or city offices.